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Automatically free memory at alarm level:

If checked, program will when alarm level is reached, automatically free amount of memory selected in “Amount of memory to free (MB)”.


Alarm RAM level (MB)

When this level is reached, memory will be freed depending on previous option.


Amount of memory to free (MB)

This amount of memory will be freed when alarm level is reached. Also this amount will be available at popup menu option “Free RAM now (XX MB)”


Number of retries if desired amount is not free

How many times the program will try to free the memory if desired level is not reached. Default 2.


Only if CPU usage is below this level (%) (0 - ignore)

This option is valid only for automatic freeing. If not 0, program will wait until processor usage is below selected level for at least 10 seconds, and then free memory.



Stay on top

If checked, the program will be above all other windows on desktop.


Start with windows

If checked, the program will start automatically when Windows start.


Start minimized

If checked, the program will start without showing the main window, and can be accessed through tray icon.


Show available RAM in the system tray

If checked, amount of free RAM will be displayed in the system tray.


Shortcut to free RAM:

You can select system wide shortcut to free RAM (amount specified in “Amount of memory to free (MB)”).


Play this sound when freeing up RAM

If checked, selected file will be played at the beginning of freeing process.





Here you can select a skin you want to use on programs main window.


How to create a skin?

This button takes you to the help system, describing how to create a skin.


Cache Tuning